Hat: subtractxxv

Jacket: ASOS

Blazer: OAKNYC

Graphic Tee: Urban Outfitters

Trousers: ASOS

Kicks: Kenzo

Bag: Alexander Wang



My best friend (Vivian) & I have started this tradition where we spend the morning of Thanksgiving with each other. I think we are about two or three years in (It probably takes about eight minutes to walk to her house from mine). Usually we spend that time catching each other up on our lives and as we speak on our blessings. 

Vivian is definitely someone I'm thankful for... with more than a decade of friendship, she has remained my friend through all of my trials and tribulations. She's believed in me since the day we met and she makes me feel like my crazy is normal lol. 

Enough on that tangent...

This year we decided to spice things up and take the tradition on the road, lol. We started the morning off at the Sugar Factory at Union Station. Her sister Michelle (Meesh, who is basically immersed into our friendship), joined us.THE SUGAR FACTORY is apparently a spot that is a "big deal" in bigger cites throughout the U.S. It's a candy store with a bar. The drinks come in various candy assortments with mixtures of their in-house vodka. The size is the equivalent to a big gulp(I didnt even finish half of mine). Big Gulp? Okay... that's an exaggeration... but that joker is huge!

As we indulge, of course the topic of conversation is what we're thankful for. We all began with our appreciation for each other. I mean... this is over a decade worth of friendship we're talking about. It's a blessing to have anyone in my life because we all know how often seasons change and you lose friendships that were once really valuable. 

We continue to drink and laugh and drink...

We eloquently stumble (jk!) out of the place to take outfit pics and then I make our way back to our side of the woods because I had to go change into my 2nd look for the day and then make my way to my brother's house.

I'm sure as my career grows you will be able to see what a Hill Holiday is like... We spend most of it dancing.

Marcellas Hill