Marcellas Hill was born on February 7, 1991 to Patricia & Mark Hill Sr. In his early adolescence, Marcellas was always captivated by fashion & entertainment. Growing up watching one of the greatest performers

    of all time, Michael Jackson, he has always been immersed into the creative process of the production & choreography behind the entertainer.


At the age of nine, Marcellas began professionally acting/print modeling, when he began to be represented by Linda Townsend Management, until the age of fourteen. Receiving some lucrative rolls; PSA's, Commercials, Documentaries, and appearing as an extra on The Wire.

As he transitioned into High School, Marcellas shifted his primary focus from acting to production. At the age of fifteen Marcellas produced his first show for his church, Word Alive Christian Center. This required him to train models, come up with walking sequences, music, lighting, and choreography. This began his journey in production and choreography in which he began to produce a show for his church every other year.  People began to ask for Marcellas' services which lead him to began to produce for small businesses.

In the midst of productions, Marcellas channeled a lot of his focus on developing his passion for modeling; print and runway. Stepping out of leadership roles to further adapt & perfect his craft by participating in over fifty fashion shows and live productions.

Marcellas went on to study production at Marymount University receiving an Arts degree in Fashion Merchandising. During his tenure, Marcellas was consistently involved in producing the School's two biggest productions, Voyage To Utopia (A Charity Event) and Portfolio In Motion (The Inaugural Senior Showcase) which honored distinguished designers like, Oscar De La Renta, Tadashi Shoji, Christian Siriano, and Eileen Fisher.

By the end of his senior year, he had a total of thirteen productions in which he single handily produced or had a major role in.

Though it's always been clear, Marcellas had a difficult time with where he actually fit in. Though he goes by "Creative Director" there was a disconnect on how to tie in all of his abilities; directing, styling, choreographing, etc.

Subsequently came, Marcellas Hill Productions LLC.

MHP allows Marcellas free range to express himself creatively. The company allows him to work with people who are passionate about production & pursuing their dreams. While he balances out his steps to becoming a supermodel and world renowned creative director.

Marcellas is working on taking MHP on the road & tour all around the world. He also looks forward to creative directing for entertainers like Beyonce, Rihanna, & many more.

Bringing out people's potential is what  Marcellas feels is his purpose in life as well as helping people develop and find their purpose. Marcellas wants the company to open the door to allow everyone involved to pursue their dreams in the creative field in a positive & supportive environment.

At the age of 26 with a half of million YouTube views, Marcellas has produced three successful productions under the MHP brand with a total of sixteen successful productions since he first began.

MHP has went on to produce a visual for BET Networks and subsequently assisted with directing their debut inaugural show BET ON FASHION during NYFW.